Castillo Trans maintains a constant care of the Environment.

Our new truks reduce emissions and impact on the environment. We continuously adopt solutions that help to protect and conserve the environment. These are our main tasks:

  • Waste management program (oils, greases, waste water…) that guarantees the treatment of waste produced and eliminates any type of contamination.
  • Recycling management program (paper, tires, toners …) that reduces the production of new goods and contributes to improving the environment.
  • Consumption reduction (diesel, oils, light, water …) that supposes an optimization of the energy consumption and reduces the energetic costs, improving the quality of life and the Environment.
  • R & D program for resources optimization (electronic invoicing, electronic mail …) involves the saving of physical and technical materials for the electronic issuance of documents that would otherwise require its traditional shipment.
  • Awareness program and training of the staff of Castillo Trans, guiding workers on the necessary measures to protect the environment and improve their safety.