Our work, your peace

Castillo Trans

An excepcional position

Castillo Trans  is the most important transport company in Alicante:
  • 1st position in the Ranking of  Alicante in the road transport companies.
  • 2nd position in the Automomous Region of Valencia.
  • 52 nd position  ( of 13565 )  as national  level.

Human Team

The result of our work is the reflection of the way we think and work. The different areas are formed by the right persons, the combination of each other makes an intelligent work, able to create innovative solutions. To be part of Castillo Trans team means to be part of a dynamic with its own spirit, full of principles,values and fellowship.

Vehicles Fleet

A modern fleet with less than two years vehicles. All of them with EURO 6 enginees, to make that your goods transport has mininal impact in the enviroment.


A solid framework in our organization basis makes an optimal transport process, from the moment we received the client order to the unload in the final destination.


Castillo Trans has different and important quality certificates. This added to our own quality and AAPPC management system, guarantees the daily engagement to improve and to give a higher quality in the provided logistic services.